A wonderful 1 daytime Petra stroll from Aqaba harbour to the conurbation of Petra, a specific of the Seven Wonders of the Life, carved into the reddish swing of the область through the Nabateans thousands of years ago and forgotten seeking generations. Our 1 heyday Petra shore excursion-cruise move provides the perfect introduction to this unique put at best appraisal possible.

Starting in the morning with pickup from the haven morality in front of the yacht at the quay, heads north along the what’s coming to one highway under the aegis the unique scenery of Wadi Rum (where Lawrence of Arabia roamed), arriving to Petra, and entering the position to the powerful Guest Center. At with either a brief horseback ride or on foot, and pass through the surprising Siq as the Exchequer, the iconic site of Petra, appears already your eyes. Your navigate will at with a period of service of the highlights of petra story, giving a comprehensive introduction to the site. Guaranteed sites to visit : Obelisks Crypt, The Dam, The Siq, The Exchequer, The Street of Facades, The Theater, The Urn Last resting-place (Court). After exiting Petra, before heading back to Aqaba, We choose enjoy lunch at restaurant, just after that we drive away to your cruise at the seaport with inseparable hour leisure in the future departure.

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