Although she doesn’t know it this is a Christmas present to me from my wife. I will be totally delighted with it. A very nice jacket for the price. I am a GREAT Christmas shopper when it comes to gifts from my wife to me!

i had always been a fan of soccer jersey, just not a fan of their pricing, but i got this on sale for $25, and man this is totally worth $50, High end quality, very stylish, and matches their other clothing products, like their Joggers, Shoes, Etc, my only complaint is that the wind resistant, cheap Italy jerseys you can easily begin freezing in the cold

I pretty much live in soccer tracksuits because they are like wearing pajamas but not looking like a slob. I am 6’3″ and 195 lbs and I got the large pants and xl jacket. The pants are perfect but the jacket is a bit big. That isn’t the jackets fault it’s mine for my upper body being built like a 12 year old. Get a large jacket if you are tall and slim.

This jacket is phenomenal in every way, except for the fact that the sizes run a little bit small or I should say short, I ordered the double XL, but it wasn’t long enough so I had to send it back. Still waiting for the tall version to come out, So if you are taller this probably wont-work for you unless you can get the tall version, other than that it’s great

she use them for winter running. she change the weight of my undergarments depending on the weather. Can’t do without them. I get many compliments while running in them

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